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Music, Arts & Production (MAP)

Music, Arts and Production (MAP) is a ministry of Praise and Worship giving expression through vocals, instruments, theatre and dance. These ministries usher in the presence of God and create an atmosphere that allows the Spirit of God to minister to His people.

This ministry houses several departments namely:

  • Covenant Ambassadors Choir
  • Covenant Youth Choir
  • Covenant Soundz
  • Covenant Xpressions
  • Covenant Theatre

This ministry blends together the creative talent and technical skill of God’s people to create an atmosphere for His presence through thanksgiving, praise and worship. As ministers of music and arts, our desire is to see God’s people experience the salvation, healing, deliverance, hope, joy and peace that are manifest in His presence.


Minister Samuel

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Covenant Ambassadors Choir

Covenant Ambassadors Choir (CAC) is the resident choir of Christ Covenant Chapel and comprises the vocal and instrumental pieces.

Covenant Youth Choir

Covenant Youth Choir is the youth wing choir of Christ Covenant Chapel. Alongside the resident choir, Covenant Ambassadors, the youth choir mainly ministers during youth day services and during special occasions.

Covenant Xpressions

Covenant Xpressions is the resident dance ministry of Christ Covenant Chapel. This Ministry embraces the privilege of leading the people of God into His transforming presence through spontaneous and choreographed praise dance, celebration and worship dance. The dances are ministered as an outpouring of a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord.

Covenant Theatre

This is the resident drama group of Christ Covenant Chapel. This group uses the art of drama as an anointed tool for evangelism.