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How Did You Break Through ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu02-10-2013

God Got Your Back ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu04-14-2013

It's My Time To Manifest ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu04-21-2013

Portrait of A Struggling Christian Romans7 ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu10-23-2013

Tell The Devil I Have Changed My Mind ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu05-22-2011


You Don't Have To Take This ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu 05-15-2011


Left Over Blessings ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu 04-17-2011


Come See A Man ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu


Picking up the pieces of my life ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu07-18-2010


The Authentic Christ ~By Pastor Kingsley Ayesu12-26-2010