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Mrs. Ayesu's Bio

Mrs. Joyce Ayesu

Mrs. Joyce Ayesu, First Lady of Christ Covenant Chapel is an inspirational woman of God who leads with wisdom and grace. Mama Joyce, as she’s affectionately called by many, has served the Lord alongside her husband, Pastor Kingsley Ayesu, for over 15 years. She plays a crucial role as the First Lady of Christ Covenant Chapel and does it with charm, wisdom and inspiration.

In her role as Director of Women Affairs at Christ Covenant Chapel, Mrs. Ayesu’s heart for women is evident in her efforts to embrace and encourage women from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. She’s been shepherding the women of Christ Covenant Chapel for over 5 years with a mission to empower them to become what they were born to be.

Mrs. Ayesu is the President of Nourishment from Above at Christ Covenant Chapel, a conference designed to uplift women and to bring restoration to the wounded - encouraging them to overcome the storms of life.

With echoes of her husband’s preaching style, Mrs. Ayesu courageously challenges women to serve as blessings to their husbands, family and community. Her wisdom and inspiration is attributed to the emphasis she places on her personal relationship with God.

A loving wife, mother and an inspirational speaker, Mrs. Ayesu and Pastor King are the proud parents of three lovely children: Eddie, Claudia and Princess.